When listing your property, it’s crucial that it’s showcased in the best possible way. We’ve all seen ads online or in the shopfront window where the snaps are memorable for all of the wrong reasons – over digitally enhanced, a room with boxes in the corner, leaves in the pool or the lawn not mowed.

A property comes with much more than just a physical space – the photos help to sell the lifestyle, and can be the difference between a potential buyer making you an offer or quickly moving on to another listing.

Producing images that buyers have an emotional reaction to is the ultimate goal, so we’ve put together a few tips that will ensure that your real estate photography is as good as it can be:

Go Profesh.

Despite dramatic improvements in technology, excellent real estate photography is still a craft that can take years to master. It is a worthwhile investment to engage in a professional photographer to help you market your home.

Don’t Go Over the Top with FX.

It’s possible to get carried away with Photoshop. Buyers are increasingly aware of ‘over-tinkering’ and you want the images to look like a realistic depiction of the space, not something out of Pixar’s newest animation release.

Let there be Light.

Lighting is a key factor in capturing a successful image. Due to the direction a property faces and even the season, a room or courtyard can look completely different at 9:00am compared with how it looks in the mid-afternoon. It’s important that the homeowner is aware of this, and that the shoot takes place at the right time of the day for the areas being photographed to look their best.

Less Can Sometimes be More.

A room cramped by furniture and other items can look drastically different to a space that has been properly decluttered. Allow the person viewing the picture to imagine their own personal touches and simplify the space before any photographs are taken. It is often be worthwhile to get your home professionally styled as well.

Have an Opinion.

Professional photographers are skilled at capturing fantastic images, but the homeowners input and suggestions are always welcome too. Do your research online, provide examples of photos you love that have lead to great sale outcomes and be able to suggest what you feel are your homes key selling points before the photoshoot takes place.

If you are looking for an experienced photographer or photo re-toucher with real estate experience, talk to youWish today.

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