For Homeowners

The 3 steps to finding out how much your home is really worth.

1. Sign-up
Sign-up with Facebook, Google or email on site and create an account, then you can view other Showcased homes and youWish prices.

2. Showcase your home
You can Showcase your home on youWish for $99 for 12 months. If at anytime you need help please click the blue and white circle in the bottom right hand corner to contact one our Customer Success Managers. There are lots of tips for Showcasing your home in our help pages so you can maximise your home’s potential.

3. Wait for enquiries
Once your home is Showcased on youWish you can sit back and relax and wait to see who is interested. When you receive an enquiry we will alert you by email. If you receive lots of offers quickly then your youWish price is probably too low. If you don’t receive any offers your youWish price is probably too high. Either way, youWish™ is an excellent means to help you determine how much local and international interest there is in your property. Remember, there is no obligation to reply to enquiries, and your details will remain confidential until you choose to reveal them.


For home buyers

To get in touch with Homeowners

1. Sign-up
Sign up with Facebook, Google or email on site and create an account so you can view owners Showcased homes and the prices they wish to get for them.

2. Contact owners of homes that interest you
There’s never been a better time to search for the home you wish to own. It’s free to message of off-market properties directly through the site [for a limited time only] from now until 28th February 2018. How to get started? Visit, log-in and search for a home you are interested in. Select contact and message that homeowner for free.