Copywriting Package

Our hand picked writers are able, with great clarity and emotion, to paint word pictures that will present your home in the most appealing way – what its best features are – and how it feels to wake up every morning and think “I love living here”. Use the form below to tell us the important details about your home.

$99.00 + gst

Facts about your home


Step 1: Complete the ‘Facts about my home’ form.
In addition to the obvious things such as how many bedrooms / bathrooms / lounge rooms there are – give ‘owner’s insights’ into what makes your home such a special place and why living there is such a wonderful experience.

Step 2: View cart and check out

Step 3: Review
We will email you the professional written copy describing your home back to you for review.

Showcase Title – up to 25 characters  
This is the attention grabber Eg: Unique Waterfront.

Sub-heading – up to 80 characters
This is to support why people should be interested in your home.

Description – up to 300 words
A beautifully written description of your home, that together with a youWish Professional Photography Package will present your home to the world in absolutely the very best light.

1 Rewrite (if needed)
1 rewrite of the original text is included as part of the youWish copywriting service. If you’d like to make a change please request a change.

Once we have received the information from you about your home it will take up to 14 days to provide draft copy for your approval. If you are not happy with the first draft request a ‘Copywriting Change’ by sending an email to support and our writer will provide a second draft to you within 7 business days. After the final draft has been approved and uploaded you can feel free to use this copy for your own personal use outside of youWish.

It’s not possible to cancel a Copywriting Package once a purchase has been made as orders are considered final.

Copywriting Change Request form

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